What is bibliotherapy?

Bibliotherapy is the sharing of books and stories with the intent of helping an individual or group gain insight into personal problems.

How and Why is bibliotherapy used?

Children’s literature is used as a tool to facilitate emotional growth and healing. The books and stories used provide a catalyst for change and provide children with other perspectives and options for new thoughts, feelings and behaviors.  Appropriately shared stories provide opportunities for children to gain insight and learn healthier ways to face difficulties. 

With bibliotherapy, specific books are used to:

  •  Encourage explorations of feelings and experiences
  •  Teach about a new diagnosis or condition
  •  Provide an entertaining source of distraction
  •  Provide a connection to activities outside the medical setting

Puppets, story props, and accompanying activities help to expand and reinforce the learning and coping strategies that books help to provide.

Bibliotherapy Books